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About Troy & Brenda

Troy Little and Brenda Hickey are a comic book power couple from the east coast of Canada. They met back in 2007 at a little studio in Charlottetown called Trapeze Animation and have been on the move ever since!

Troy's comic credits include creator owned graphic novels such as Chiaroscuro (2007) Angora Napkin (2008) Angora Napkin: Harvest of Revenge (2012). Other works: Powerpuff Girls (2014) and a graphic novel adaptation of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (2015)

Brenda's comic credits include webcomic and self publised graphic novel In the Air (2012) Halls of the Turnip King (2015-present). Other works include illustrating for IDW's My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic and Friends Forever series (2013-present)